A short story about Jaco. I was invited to meet Jaco at the Lone Star Cafe in NYC...he brought the house down. Backstage as he was checking out my bass, he gave me his favorite test..."Do you know CACHAO?" I was embarassed to say that I did not. So blah blah blah...we would meet again next time he was in the city. Sadly this meeting was never to be. A few years later I met Cachao 'El Ritmo' at a workshop in Cambridge, MA. My electric upright caught his attention and he invited me to come early the next night so he could check it out more extensively. It was fascinating to watch him put my bass through his tests, (everybody has their own test) knocking and bowing it in different ways. He gave me a respectful nod, and (through his interpreter) called my electric upright "an instrument of beauty"
My mind went right to Jaco... Do you know Cachao??? ...Rest in Peace Brother...One Love

There was a period of 3-4 years when I had a steady Sunday night gig with my brothers (Paul Rishell and Chuck Laire) at the InnSquare Men's Bar 'Ladies Invited' (a small local infamous hole in the wall in Cambridge.) During this time I got to meet most of the other cats playing bass around town, and I made basses for some local heavyweights.

IGG MODER: teacher at Berkelee College of Music, Igg won't even let me take the bass for a tune-up visit..."Oh Albey, I never let this bass out of my sight."

DANNY MO: teacher at Berklee, Danny and I have been friends for many years. He owns a double cut-away shape bass. "Albey...thank you for the bass...and the free Sunday night lessons."

JEFF LINK: teacher at Berklee, Jeff was ambidextrous he could play the bass from either side. It was really wild to see him play the first set righty and the second set lefty.

PUCHO: Studio musician, his bass was a beautiful tiger striped maple body and neck. Stolen when he was on tour in Europe Pucho was heart-broken... "only you Albey, could make another bass this good"...I would love to hear any information on the whereabouts of this bass...

PHIL MORRISSON: Studio musician in Brazil.."when I come out on stage with 'the wall' (my big neck bass) the people cheer..."

MIKE 'Z' ZAVARELLA: I worked in Mike's music store during the extremely lean times. A total madman and absolute Bass genius. An upright player, I made him a bass guitar with a big neck for that upright sound. Last I heard...he was playing bass in the circus...or...he's hiding in his basement playing only whole notes!

AND TO ...Jackson, Donny, Greg, Vic, Fats, Ken, Jim, Dave, Brian, Dennis, Leo Ego...all those cats that you've never heard, carrying on the tradition, playing their gigs, carrying their gear, loving their basses, thanks for your support!