Grace your space with Bass

"A stands for Albey and Albey stands for Bass...a bass player for more than 30 years, Albey truly under stands the needs of the player and has incorporated his love of the instrument and its history into his own basses..."
Jim Hyatt, editor, Bass Frontiers '01

"Solidly built...smoother body lines...well constructed...the neck woodwork is exceptional. The velvety neck feels like an old friend adding to the vintage vibe. Those who soar up to the 15th fret will appreciate the smooth heel. Plenty of positions for fingerstyle playing and slappers will find the JB (Jade Bass) quite comfortable as well..."
Bass Player Review Nov '99

"the ultimate Bass maker...his basses have soul...he has soul..."
Maurice Cardinale '99

"my name is peter coura and I run a little guitar-and-bass-shop here in
Frankfurt...I sometimes have the opportunity to build custom order basses for Eberhard Weber, Harvey Swartz etc.,  Kai  Eckhard Karpeh, to name a few...
From what I saw on your website, I must make a bow and also my hat off! Beautiful Instruments!!! you have thought about basses and bass-playing a lot and then put a lot of soul into it.
Mudgebass '99

"high-quality instruments with numerous upgrade touches that one does not encounter on production models"
The Guitar Blue Book  '98

"Albey Balgochian transforms blocks of wood into instruments of grace and beauty..."
Bass Player February '97

...the best 'Jazz Type' bass I've come across...
David Shields, The Embassy Magazine, UK '96

...the electric bass in its purest form is an acoustic instrument; when played correctly, the sound is produced by wood and string vibrating. Any electric bassist with a great sound understands this concept. Just as on upright, right- and left-hand technique determines the sound. A singing tone comes from making the instrument's body vibrate correctly; you have to pull the strings enough to make the body resonate without getting string noise (the same as on upright)...For the electric bassist who is working on sound, let me state unequivocally: You have to find the correct touch for each and every sound you want to hear from the instrument...
Victor Bailey...Letters, Bass Player 12/98
A: Victor is givin it to you on the real!

...It?s great to be buying a bass from someone who gives a sh_t!

... The neck is a real hot rod. Plays like the finest jazz you could ever imagine with just a little more body. Hope yu don't mind the blow by blow chronicle of my relationship with this spectacular new instrument. Just got home from gig. "A"bass is starting to feel like mine. Here we are, day #2 and I'm already feeling quite comfortable with my new bass. Neck really is amazing. It's aesthetically gorgeous and really plays with incredible eaze, (thus the hot rod analogy ). Again, the weight is simply perfect. You know, I actually didn't miss my Fender tonight. That's huge for me.
Give me a break... I can't put this thing down. 1:15 in the morning and I'm shedding scales. Had a great gig tonight. My band loves A bass. Very clean through the PA.  This neck is super fine. The A bass can definetly inspire a whole new generation of bassists. no dead spots.
You're killin' me. I love it!!! Thanks again for this incredible ax. I'm havin' a ball.
Danny Morris
A:  Danny is an old friend. He teaches at Berklee College of Music. A great player, you can hear him around Bean Town with his band "Hurricane Calypso". He also owns an oldie...#14.

...I've played several of your basses and they each have their own feel and voice. the question that comes to mind is, "how can that be?" It's got to be 'cause your a player. You've really captured that 60's feel. I really dig my bass, great fret job!...
Dave Boonshoft, Aguilar Amps are a real artist and take great pride in your was nice to deal directly with the designer and creator of my bass...
Chris Schnabel

...Great throaty tone from my new J bass! (3rd one)
Jimmy McG.

... your basses look absolutely KILLER! After seeing your picture with the Upright, I said to myself, that looks like the guy I saw playing at 'The Last Call' in Providence, R.I. I played bass in the warm-up band that night. Your playing knocked me out. My next Bass is going to one of yours, believe me...
I got my bass today...I was up all night, I just couldn't put it down. It looks and sounds unbelievable...
Thanks, Keith

...Albey, Thank you for spending the time with me to go over every aspect of the basses. The more I played them, the more I loved the neck on both basses. They really have a vintage feel. To actually meet the player /builder and ask questions while trying the basses is just what I was looking for. Especially a player with your background. You have to give a lot of respect to a player that can play everything on a fretless. Man, I am excited to see this bass built. Thanks for the great personal service. "
Albey, the bass is beautiful! It is so comfortable to play. It's like I've been playing it for a long time. It?s easier to play than my 62 Fender. Outstanding job.
Fred Rose

An 'A' Bass  is one of the finest basses on the market?the Quality is first rate. Every detail is exceptional. Albey extends the fingerboard over the body so you get a few extra frets...they have such a great feel, the response on the fingers is something that is hard to explain?very responsive to the touch...when you buy
a custom instrument made the way YOU want it, it becomes an extension of yourself.
Albey is also one of my favorite bassplayers. If anyone has seen him play, he has that rare quality to communicate through his playing. A great musician.
He has a great website and if you call him he will discuss wood, paint, electronics, bassplaying, etc. I am just a very happy customer and I couldn't be happier with mine.
Keith - The Botton Line Digest

You may not be familiar with his name, but there's a good chance you've seen some of his basses. For over 20 years Albey has been quietly building custom electric basses in the Boston area, ...he?s a "wood" guy and he emphasizes the tone of the wood first in his instruments.  I've owned one myself, a solidbody fretless (#10!) with an amazing URB sized neck.
Rick - Bottom Line Digest

"I downloaded your mp3...sure sounds like an upright to me! Are you saying that the bass on 'JB' (slight return) is a fretless bass guitar?"
A:I've heard this alot. I used my WB 'Ultimate Fretless' exclusively my the Rhythmism cd.

"I enjoyed seeing you play with the Rads (again) I've been listening to your cd quite a bit and the playing is outrageous!!!! Your (World 'Ultimate Fretless') bass sounds like an upright alot of the time. I've had the opportunity to play Reggie's (Radiators) 'A' bass a few times and I must say it is one of the most beautiful instruments in both looks and sound. I can't wait to get my bass!"
I LOVE MY BASS!!! Thanks for creating such a masterpiece!!!
A:Paul Toracinta

"Albey, I also build basses....I really admire your work."

...Pretty Cool!...found you on the web (currently living in Brussels) Your bass (#12 - Fall of 1979) has withstood the test of time. Like a weathered upright bass, it has a lot of scratches and dents but nothing serious... Everywhere I play, people are intrigued about the melodious quality of the tone of my bass...
The (2nd) bass  is such an attention getter it is almost embarassing. People are mesmerized by the looks and the sound of the instrument. Albey, you are a true artist, a musical sculptor of the highest caliber.
Sam McKinney ex-electric bassist myself, your page makes me want to buy one again :-) the "Who's Got One?" page is a lot of fun to you played with Paul Rishell on that sunday gig at the Inn Sq.?...great stuff, great band. wow. man, you *have* been around the scene!
it's an honor to have played with you, sir! (as Mr Braxton would say.) ...
Steve Norton, sax 'Debris'

...I first heard about your basses from Robert Brookin, he saw Stanley Clarke playing the bass you made him...a couple of years later he told me about seeing Miles Davis in concert with FoIey playing the piccolo bass you made him...
...I appreciate all the time you have taken from your busy schedule to talk basses with me...I can't believe how great my bass is!
Markis Lee

...thanks for spending so much time on the phone with me... best bass lesson I've ever had...
Max from Chicago

...I've heard of your fine craftsmanship...where can I try an 'A' Bass?...
Brian Glassman
A: A Basses are not available in stores. Selling direct keeps the price down and the service personal. You do have a week to check out your bass, if you don't like it, send it back, we'll refund your dough minus shipping.

I am in the market for a new bass. I am dying to hear one of yours. Like yourself I play early model fenders. I am looking for something with more sustain ... Let me know if you have any customers in Toronto Canada...
Thanks Zwigg.
A: If sustain is what your looking for, A Bass delivers!
We sell direct, that's why we have a 7 day approval time once you've received your bass. Take it into the studio, to your gig, your living room... anywhere you need to hear your 'A' Bass sing! Satisfaction is guaranteed, if the bass isn't everything we say and you decide to return the instrument, call us. When we receive your return in original condition, we'll give you your money back! (minus shipping) And anytime you're in the Boston area, you are welcomed to visit our studio.

...I hear many bass players talk about your well they sound, how well it feels, and how comfortable it is to play...
Frank Morabito

...Thank you for your time!...keep doing those fine basses!...
Luis Matte Larraín

...regarding the beautiful electric upright that is pictured.....
1) Is it fretted, or a "Lined" fretless?
2) What type of pickup is used??
ISBoy---- pronounce it "Eye-Ess-Boy"
A: the frets are real! choose the pick-ups.

I've never heard one. Is it like a SUPER Fender? I played a ........ but it's all hipe.
Roger Fortner
A: I got my Fender when I was a teenager, I sweat on it, I bled on it, I played it to death! I learned how to play on it, I learned how to make basses on it...It's where I'm coming from.
Much Respect to Leo!

...It looks like a 'great fender' feels like do you make the neck feel like that?
Jim Grenier
A:...I apprenticed with master luthier Peter Kyvelos for 3 years. Learning to rebuild and repair the violin family, perfected my technique for finishing the neck.

...Can I get A bass with a graphite neck?...
A: I've only had a few requests for a graphite neck. I've read everything I can get my hands on about the production of graphite and so far I've not been convinced that this is an earth friendly idea. With proper wood management, trees are a renewable resource. As far as an instrument goes, I prefer wood to graphite because of it's warm, round tone and feel.
"Because we care about our planet, every step we take is environmentally conscious."

...would love to trade in all my basses for a world class fretless... im poor broke and would love one of your basses they're sssoooo bad....
Mighty owl thanx, peace out!
A: You can always check our specials page for our in-studio demo sales...and I can always be hooked on an interesting trade!